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Switch your dental practice plan to us and make significant savings

Switching to us from your current practice plan provider is now easier than ever, thanks to our Simple Switch process – a hassle-free bulk transfer of your plan patients’ Direct Debits.

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Our Simple Switch process

Our Simple Switch process transfers your patients’ Direct Debits from your existing provider to Patient Plan Direct in the background. That means no admin is required of your practice team, and no action is needed from your patients – it really is that simple!

You needn’t worry about patient drop-off either – our client case studies prove it’s not an issue.

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the average annual savings practices made when switching to us last year
is the average plan patient retention following a Simple Switch
annual savings one corporate group made by switching to work with us
dental practices supported by Patient Plan Direct across the UK

Simple Switch explained

Switching to us from your current dental plan provider is now easier than ever, thanks to Simple Switch – a hassle-free bulk transfer of your plan patients’ Direct Debits. A quick, simple, and highly effective way to save your dental practice thousands of pounds! Watch the video to find out more.

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Switch for a more profitable plan

Our case studies evidence a seamless transition when practices switch to us, with high patient retention rates.

Practices save by switching and often further expand their plan base with our expert support.

After completing the Simple Switch process, the outcome is a more financially successful dental practice with a more profitable plan.

Simple Switch in 6 steps

If you believe your current dental plan provider overcharges on their plan administration fees or fails to provide the necessary support to achieve your plan-related objectives, you can seamlessly switch to Patient Plan Direct to resolve these issues.

We begin by conducting a comprehensive viability analysis tailored to each dental practice’s individual circumstances. This analysis defines the realistic financial benefits that can be achieved upon switching. Should you choose to proceed with Simple Switch, our team follows a proven 6-step process to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

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1. Strategy and timeline

We will work with you to identify a dental plan strategy unique to your practice and set a switch timeline.

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2. Informing your current practice plan provider

We will prepare the notice letter and inform your plan provider of the Simple Switch process.

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3. Making time for team training

We will conduct team training in all aspects of our service.

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4. Patient communication

We will ensure that the change of plan provider is communicated positively to patients.

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5. Let Simple Switch commence, hassle-free

Sit back and relax while we manage the transfer of patient Direct Debits in the background.

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6. Expert support & huge cost savings

With our expertise, we will ensure you achieve plan success.

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Our dedicated, expert team

With expert training from our highly experienced team, plus practice-branded marketing materials to promote your business (not ours), you’re in the best hands should you want to develop your dental practice team and increase the number of plan patient sign-ups.

Make savings on dental plan administration

Like switching your energy supplier to cut costs for a similar service, switching your plan patients from another major plan provider to Patient Plan Direct could save you thousands of pounds each year.

Our fees

Our administration fee starts from £1.06 per patient per month.

We adopt a low-cost, simple, and transparent fee structure that enables your practice to maximise the profitability of your dental practice plans.

Number of plan patientsAdministration fee per patient per month (includes Global A & E Scheme)
Up to 1,499£1.36
1,500 to 2,999£1.21

For those practices (or groups of practices) with 7,000 or more plan patients, Patient Plan Direct offers the added benefit of a further reduction in our administration fee, implemented on a sliding scale.

All of our fees are INCLUSIVE of VAT.

No matter which plan provider you’re currently with, or whatever type of dental practice plans you currently offer, you can transfer to us and get a more cost-effective and practice-branded plan that is managed and supported by us.

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Compare dental plan providers

Discover a more profitable plan when choosing Patient Plan Direct over other major plan providers such as Denplan, Practice Plan, and DPAS. The savings tool below will show you the substantial difference in our fees.

How many plan patients at your practice?

Switch to us from DPAS to
Save approx. £3,019 pa
Switch to us from Practice Plan to
Save approx. £7,500 pa
Switch to us from Denplan to
Save approx. £15,900 pa

Ready to start saving today?

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Our success stories

Don’t take our word for it! Hear from our clients as they share their Simple Switch experiences when transferring their existing dental practice plans to Patient Plan Direct.

Frequently Asked Questions about Simple Switch

  • Most dental practice plan providers require three months’ notice if a practice intends to move their plan management to another provider. Once notice is given, a communication is sent to patients to inform them of the changes. Thereafter, everything else is managed in the background. At the appropriate time, collection management switches to Patient Plan Direct, with no break in any cover for patients.

  • Historically, patient loss was a concern when switching dental plan providers, primarily due to the need to contact patients and ask them to effectively recommit to the new practice plan arrangements and complete a new Direct Debit mandate. With this process there was a fear of patient drop-off.

    Since 2021, the revised ‘bulk change process‘, which we call Simple Switch, now manages the transfer of Direct Debits between providers in the background. Patients are informed of the change, but there is no action for them to take.

    As a result of Simple Switch, we have found that the potential drop-off (if any) is no greater than the natural attrition seen month-to-month. In fact, in the longer term, many dental practices go on to grow their plan base further with our advice, support, and training.

  • No, they will be covered under your existing dental plan provider until the switch occurs and Patient Plan Direct assumes responsibility for administering your dental practice plan. There is no break in access to the A&E benefit associated with either plan provider and no break in the regular payment they make by Direct Debit.

  • To establish how much you could save by switching to Patient Plan Direct, we would conduct a cost savings analysis, examining your plan patient numbers and the administration fees you pay your existing dental practice plan provider.

    Use our savings tool to assess the potential cost savings your dental practice could make.

    We appreciate while cost savings are attractive, support and service are just as important. We will guide you through our service offering and ongoing support and can connect you with other clients who have made the switch to provide confidence in what to expect. We know this is especially important to dental practices looking to switch from their current provider due to declining customer service and client support.

  • Patients do not need to do anything. They will receive a letter clearly stating the timings of the switch and outlining all the relevant information related to your new dental practice plan arrangements with Patient Plan Direct, including introducing our Global Dental A&E Scheme. There is no call to action for them to take.

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