How Do We Compare to other Dental Plan Providers?

We hear on the grapevine that misconceptions about Patient Plan Direct (PPD) are often referenced by those who don’t know much about us. We think it’s time to set the record straight. That little birdie needs to do its research!

A little bird says: PPD has a low-cost admin fee because they offer an inferior service

PPD says: Our clients are our priority, and we ensure a seamless journey from initial contact to post-signup support. Our low-cost admin fees (starting from £1.36 per patient per month, reduced further when the number of plan patients increases) stay low as we don’t spend vast amounts on our marketing or lavish client events.

We also ensure our solution is highly focused on helping you achieve your plan-related objectives rather than offering support in any other areas of running your practice. Different providers may provide support in areas such as regulation, compliance, HR, etc. Our support, tools, and resources are ONLY related to the plan, allowing us to keep our admin fees low. In taking this focused approach, you are safe in the knowledge that you’re not paying for auxiliary support wrapped up in a higher admin fee that you may not utilise.

A little bird says: They’re a small team that is slow to respond to clients

PPD says: Our customer service team is exceptionally responsive, typically addressing enquiries within minutes, not days. With PPD, there are no auto responses stating an expected response in a few days’ time. We believe superior customer service is fundamental to our proposition, ensuring our clients feel valued and important.

A little bird says: They’re such a small company that cannot handle a large-scale practice

PPD says: We are a major dental plan provider servicing multiple dental groups as clients alongside hundreds of single-site independent practices, focusing on growing plan patient numbers for all clients. We support over 600 dental practices across the UK. We tailor support, training, and resources unique to a client’s practice needs, whether fully private, a squat practice, mixed practice, multi-surgery, single surgery, or multi-site.

A little bird says: PPD only focuses on administering plan patients’ direct debits and nothing more – it’s an admin service

PPD says: We are committed to growing our clients’ plan patient numbers. Through regular training, structured plan review meetings, informative industry updates, and sharing the details of our dental professional partners (committed to boosting our clients’ plan patient base and practice profitability), we certainly are not just about direct debit collections. Client retention and growth are our top priorities, and it’s one of the reasons why we maintain an impressive 98%+ client retention rate.

A little bird says: They’re a relatively new company, quite obscure

PPD says: We’re celebrating our 15th year as a significant dental plan provider! While you may not have heard of us compared to our rival plan providers, it may be because we don’t invest heavily in marketing and self-promotion – instead relying heavily on networking and word-of-mouth referrals. We prefer to focus our efforts on promoting our clients’ practice brands. We aren’t a consumer-facing brand (we offer a white-labelled / practice-branded solution), but we ensure our clients have all the tools they need to be highly visible in their local community.

We believe we offer an amazing value dental plan service and solution. Don’t just take our word for it; discover some of our client success stories.

Let’s schedule a meeting to discuss your unique practice circumstances and how we can elevate your practice with our expert support.

If you’re interested in learning more about establishing a dental plan in your practice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Patient Plan Direct team. We’re here to provide you with the information you need to enhance your patients’ oral health journey and your practice profitability.

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