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NHS to Private Dentistry Conversion

Diary of an NHS to Private Dentistry Conversion: A Practice’s Journey

Basin Road Dental Surgery, located in Chichester, has been a cornerstone of dental care since 2006. With three surgeries, the Principal Dentist, Dr Matthew Hartley, had considered leaving the NHS..

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Guide for Dental Practices on Retaining Patients

Soaring prices of essentials like food and utility bills are straining household incomes. This leads to the inevitable decision to cut costs wherever possible, and anything deemed unessential is discarded…

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NHS patient enquiries

Unlocking Opportunities in NHS Patient Enquiries

The decline in NHS dentistry access has led to a surge in patients seeking an alternative dental care provision, with many mixed practices offering private care being inundated with calls..

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Cultivating a Positive and Effective Dental Practice Team

Fostering a happy and effective dental practice team is paramount for any successful business. But how do you maintain a motivated and efficient dental practice team? In this article, Patient..

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Sound Bites, Ep 7: The ease of switching plan provider

It’s a misconception in the dental community that switching to a new dental plan provider is a daunting task leading to patient attrition. However, the reality couldn’t be further from..

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