switching practice plan provider

Ease of switching practice plan provider

In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, dentists and their practices often face a dilemma – do they continue with their existing dental plan provider or switch to an alternative if benefits are presented?

Switching practice plan provider will only advance if it offers enormous benefits. But many in practice teams do not realise that it is also surprisingly easy, thanks to banking legislative changes that came into effect in 2019.

Whether it’s because we offer significantly lower costs or provide unparalleled client service, our ‘Simple Switch’ service is on the rise. However, in the past, changing providers was a cumbersome process, and that perception is still alive and kicking in the dental community.

Historically, changing your dental plan provider required contacting patients and asking them to complete a new direct debit mandate, which was an administrative burden. The fear of disrupting patient relationships and the complexity of the process acted as significant roadblocks, so many decided to stick with the plan provider in place, even though the services were perhaps not as they’d expected or expensive.

Now, the process has been streamlined, and the ‘bulk change process’ which we call ‘Simple Switch’, handles the transfer of patients’ direct debits between providers in the background. This means NO action is required from patients, and the entire process is effortless!

So, what exactly is involved in the Simple Switch process? Let’s break it down:

Patient Notification: Patient Plan Direct sends a simple letter to patients, informing them of the upcoming change of provider. This communication ensures transparency and keeps your patients in the loop.

Zero Hassle: Patients are not required to complete new direct debit mandates or other paperwork. The ‘switch’ happens seamlessly without disrupting your patients’ routines or practices’ operations.

Lighter Admin Load: There aren’t the anticipated heavy administrative tasks, which means a dental practice no longer needs to feel tied to an unsatisfactory provider. The fear of cumbersome paperwork is a thing of the past.

Switching Practice Plan Provider

With minimal effort, your practice can enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective and responsive dental plan provider without causing any inconvenience to your patients. So explore a simple switch; we’re here to make it easy switching practice plan provider and add value to your practice.

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