ease of switching practice plan

Save Your Dental Practice £10k in Three Months

On-demand webinar

Want to know more about the ease of switching practice plan providers with our proven bulk transfer method? In this webinar, hear firsthand from satisfied clients about their smooth transition to Patient Plan Direct.

In addition, Simon Reynolds, the Managing Director at Patient Plan Direct, showcases the seamless bulk transfer process for patient direct debits. Rest assured, patient retention is no longer a concern, opening the door to a growth-focused strategy. You can also hear insights from Dan Fine, Director at Hive Business, as he emphasises the importance of cost management, particularly in today’s challenging business climate. Learn how to protect your business and maintain flexibility when it matters most. Also, Jonathan Watson, Director at Christie & Co, sheds light on the direct impact of practice plan value and offers valuable insights on maximising your bottom line through strategic changes. Watch now.

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