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The no-obligation conversation that could change your life

Salespeople can sometimes be pushy. People don’t often like to be sold to. But if the service available could potentially change your life in more ways than one, would you commit to a no-obligation conversation?

As a market leader in dental plan administration, Patient Plan Direct is growing rapidly, and this isn’t because we sell people something they don’t need. In fact, we minimise our marketing efforts because every week, we are approached by dentists wanting to know how to transform their NHS practice. So, we want to share what we can do for you if you are unhappy with the current NHS dental contract.

With 15 years of supporting practices with partial or full NHS to private conversions, the team at Patient Plan Direct know what it takes to create a successful transition. But the maths must be done to predict the outcome before the decision to make the NHS to private conversion is made (an NHS conversion should never begin with a stab in the dark)! Read on to discover how Patient Plan Direct would structure the no-obligation conversation that could change your professional career and work-life balance for the better.

1 – Viability analysis

At our first meeting, we assess your practice dynamics. This means reviewing and considering specific indicators that are key to a successful transition. This assessment can include a clinician’s length of service at the practice and patient loyalty, fee-paying to exemption ratio, and your vision personally and professionally.

2 – In-depth financial analysis

For a thorough financial analysis to assess conversion success, we advise you on an ideal plan structure, price point and plan uptake target to replace the current NHS income (alongside private treatment income). We then indicate the required surgery time to deliver care to patients who opt for private care. At this stage, we take a look at everything with a fine-tooth comb.

At this point, our expert team leave you with the information. It’s a lot to think about, and the thought of transitioning to private dentistry brings many emotions. However, when you’re ready to start the process, we have three more steps that complete the NHS to private transition cycle.

3 – Team buy-in, engagement and training

Once you have decided to proceed, our business development team will be on hand to ensure your practice is fully trained and engaged with the transition process and plan launch. Dental plans may be new territory for many team members, so it’s essential that everyone is comfortable and fully on board.

4 – Patient communication

We will manage the patient communication process, providing promotional materials and managing mailings to patients – clearly explaining the change and their options. It is paramount that these communications are clear and uniquely designed to speak directly to a practice’s patient base positively and confidently.

5 – Practice and ongoing support

In the early stages of the transition, we offer in-practice support via our Client Services team, who are on hand to deal with any questions or queries, no matter how big or small. Our team will help with all aspects of your plans, including marketing material, team training, pricing reviews and more.

You stay in control

At every stage of your NHS conversion, you are in the driving seat. We move at your pace when you and your team are ready.

Coatbridge Family Dental Care went through the process and took some time to make their decision. But when they decided it was the right move for them, they never looked back. Read more about their NHS to Private experience with Patient Plan Direct.

Ready for a transformative and obligation-free discussion?

If you’re seeking assistance with your transition from NHS to private dentistry, take a look at and connect with us through our online messaging platform.

Scheduling a meeting with us doesn’t commit you to working with us, yet we’re confident that our fact-finding approach will impress you. We’re here and eager to assist whenever you’re ready to take the next step.

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