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After a great deal of thought, Coatbridge Family Dental Centre decided to offer their patients an alternative to NHS treatment. This would allow the Principal Dentist to utilise skills he had trained for and offer treatments not available on the NHS. They decided to offer a payment plan to their patients…

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“We had meetings with all the major plan providers. It’s funny how one little thing can make a company stand out from the others. With Patient Plan Direct, our business development manager made it clear what we could get from them. This included the facility to provide a direct debit, insurance, an online portal, support from the customer service team and training.

What really influenced us was what you wouldn’t have to pay for – unnecessary extras to us such as workshops, marketing, branding, coaches, magazines and design.”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“We are delighted with our decision. The plan works, the savings are huge and the service from the client services team is great. We’d rather choose where to spend our money for own team’s professional development.

Being with Patient Plan Direct costs us less than the other major providers and frees up the cash to allow us to tailor our own training and practice development to suit us.”

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