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Why introduce private dental plans?

Offering tailored, practice-branded dental plans can benefit your practice and your patients. Read on to discover the numerous positives of private dental plans and how they can help a dental practice better serve their patients and practice team.

The benefits of dental plans for a practice:

  • Generate recurring monthly income
  • Build resilience to withstand disruptions like pandemics, staffing issues, etc
  • Encourage regular attendance so there is less white space
  • Increase patient loyalty
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The benefits of dental plans for patients:

  • Regular attendance is a preventative measure to reduce the risk of serious oral issues
  • Manageable monthly payments make appointments more affordable
  • Guaranteed appointments
  • 24/7 A&E cover for patients with our Global Dental Accident & Emergency Scheme

For more details on the Global Dental Accident & Emergency Scheme, click here.

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Types of dental practice plans

We can support your practice by administering any type of dental practice plan for patients.

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Maintenance or Membership Plans

Maintenance or Membership plans are ideal for squat dental practices and NHS conversions. This is our most popular plan service, which typically includes standard routine dental care. Patients on this plan will pay for any additional treatment required.

  • The plan promotes preventative dentistry.
  • Typically includes a set number of examinations and hygiene visits per year.
  • Gives patients access to other benefits you decide on, such as discounts on other treatments.
  • Ensures a recurring monthly income for your practice.
Launch a dental practice plan

Full Care/Capitation Plans

A Full Care or Capitation plan is a comprehensive dental practice plan for your patients, covering preventive and restorative oral care treatments, enabling you to customise the patients’ fees, depending on their oral health.

  • The plan categorises patients by their oral health needs, and sets their monthly plan price accordingly.
  • Offers comprehensive care to your patients at an affordable monthly rate.
  • Allows patients to budget for the care they need.
  • Ensures a recurring monthly income for your practice.
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Hygiene Plans

This type of plan typically includes a set number of hygienist appointments per year to ensure that patients keep on top of their oral hygiene.

  • The plan promotes preventative dentistry.
  • Appointments provide the opportunity to upsell other treatments to these patients.
  • Ensures a recurring monthly income for your practice.
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Children’s Plans

To ensure children get access to a private dentist at a lower cost, we also offer plans specifically for under-18s.

  • Some practices offer ‘family discount’ plans, which offers a discount on the standard plan price.
  • This ensures you nurture patient loyalty for the years ahead.


Family Discount Plans

Family discounts can be applied to any type of plan to reward multiple commitments to your practice for two or more family members.

Low and transparent administration fees

We are the UK’s most cost-effective major dental practice plan provider, with an administration fee that starts from £1.06 per patient per month.

We offer a highly focused solution to keep our costs low, passing on the savings to the practices we work with.

Our low-cost, simple, and transparent fee structure enables your practice to maximise the profitability of your dental practice plans.

Number of plan patientsAdministration fee per patient per month (includes Global A & E Scheme)
Up to 1,499£1.36
1,500 to 2,999£1.21

For those practices (or groups of practices) with 7,000 or more plan patients, Patient Plan Direct offers the added benefit of a further reduction in our administration fee, implemented on a sliding scale.

All of our fees are INCLUSIVE of VAT.

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Compare dental plan providers

Discover a more profitable plan when choosing Patient Plan Direct over other major plan providers such as Denplan, Practice Plan, and DPAS. The savings tool below will show you the substantial difference in our fees.

How many plan patients at your practice?

Switch to us from DPAS to
Save approx. £3,019 pa
Switch to us from Practice Plan to
Save approx. £7,500 pa
Switch to us from Denplan to
Save approx. £15,900 pa

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Client reviews

Don’t take our word for it! Hear from our clients as they share their experiences of launching a new dental practice plan with the help of Patient Plan Direct.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Plan Launch

  • We take pride in adopting a very transparent fee structure and are the only major dental practice plan provider that publishes our monthly admin fee on our website. We have a three tier structure for our admin fees, and the most you will ever pay is £1.36 per patient (including VAT and Global Dental A&E cover for patients).

    Our admin fees are outlined here.

    Additionally, there is a nominal annual licence fee, which is thoroughly explained to ensure complete transparency. Our fees not only provide substantial long-term savings but also deliver exceptional value compared to other major plan providers.

  • We are here to help and support you with getting your dental plan fees right, ensuring they are profitable to your practice and affordable and attractive for patients. We can guide you on how to structure a range of different plans to suit a variety of patients’ needs, and how to price these plans. However, there is complete flexibility and discretion in what your plans include and their price point.

  • We currently work with over 600 dental practices across the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. This comprises a mix of independent practices and those affiliated with corporate groups.

  • Every client has access to one of our dedicated and highly experienced Business Development team who provide the necessary tools, advice, training, and support to ensure you achieve your dental plan objectives.

    Alongside our Business Development team, you will also have access to a highly responsive Client Services team, who are on hand to help with all aspects of dental plan administration. Whether it’s a patient query or help using our online client portal, you can expect efficient and thorough service from a team that genuinely cares about delivering first-class support.

    We provide dental practice-branded marketing materials to help promote your plans, including promotional leaflets, posters, TV assets, and social media templates. We also offer further advice, tools, training, and tips to ensure you are best placed to market your plans effectively.

  • We charge a one-off set-up fee of £395 inc. VAT that covers:

    • training from our Client Services team on the patient sign-up process and using our easy-to-use online client portal for all plan management, reporting and insights;
    • team training from one of our Business Development team members to cover all aspects related to achieving your specific plan objectives, including but not limited to; communication tactics, the patient journey, understanding the Global Dental A&E Scheme benefit etc;
    • the design of dental practice-branded promotional leaflets and posters;
    • other optional marketing resources, such as waiting room TV assets and social media templates;
    • comprehensive management of all steps involved in the Simple Switch process if you are switching from another plan provider;
    • organising patient communication mailings as required
  • Patients pay a one-off fee of £8 when they join one of your plans – collected with the patient’s first payment. This fee does not apply to patients transferring from another dental plan provider or to any plans specific to children. Your patient pays the fee and is not a cost to your practice.

    Our registration fee is lower than that of other major dental practice plan providers. In our experience, a nominal registration fee does not deter patients from joining a plan. It helps them commit to the plan and lessens the risk of patients cancelling shortly after joining.

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