Unlocking Dental Practice Success with Simple Switch

In the dynamic world of dental practice management, the need for a streamlined and cost-effective approach to administering dental plans has never been more crucial. Patient Plan Direct’s innovative ‘Simple Switch’ process offers a hassle-free bulk transfer of patients’ Direct Debits, making the transition of an existing base of plan patients from another provider smooth for both practices and patients alike. Let’s explore how this process, backed by real success stories, can unlock financial dental practice success for you.

So, what is Simple Switch?

Simple Switch took advantage of a banking regulation change almost three years ago, opening up the ability to utilise the bulk transfer process, an established and proven banking facility offered by the Direct Debit scheme provider, Bacs. Historically, a transfer of plan provider was managed by writing to patients and asking them to complete a new Direct Debit mandate. With Simple Switch, the transfer of Direct Debits between providers is now managed in the background.

This highly effective approach takes away the hassle for patients and any administrative burden or uncertainty for dental practice because all that’s required is a simple letter to patients informing them of the change. At the appropriate time, collections stop with the previous provider and begin with the new one the following month – with no break in any patient cover.

Dental practices are no longer bound to a provider now that a more straightforward process is available to help lead you to dental practice success.

Why are practices moving away from the traditional, major plan providers?

Since introducing the Simple Switch process, Patient Plan Direct has experienced a surge in enquiries from practices seeking an exit from their current providers. Why the sudden interest? The reasons are manifold. Foremost among them is the imperative need for practices to streamline costs, particularly amidst the challenges the dental industry has weathered over the past several years. Practices are keen on savings, but not at the expense of compromising patient care quality and service offerings.

Many of the prominent plan providers in the industry are notorious for pressuring practices into long-term contracts. When considering the escalation in administration costs, this is no longer a viable option for many practices, especially given the prevailing economic climate.

Furthermore, a cohort of practices feel neglected by their existing providers. The absence of a dedicated Account Manager and unpredictable and subpar service levels have left them seeking a more attentive partner like Patient Plan Direct. Compounded by the uncertainties in NHS dentistry, many practices have also noticed a disproportionate focus from their providers on helping practices with NHS conversions rather than supporting their existing clientele.

Dental Practice Success – Simple Switch in 6 Steps

Patient Plan Direct’s Simple Switch process empowers practices to transition smoothly to a more profitable and efficient dental plan solution. Here’s how it works:

1. Strategy and Timeline
The journey begins with collaboration. Patient Plan Direct works closely with your practice to identify a unique dental plan strategy tailored to your specific needs. Together, we set a switch timeline, laying the groundwork for a successful transition.

2. Informing Your Current Plan Provider
Communication is key. Patient Plan Direct takes the lead in preparing the notice letter and informing your current plan provider about the impending Simple Switch process. This step ensures a transparent and professional transition.

3. Making Time for Team Training
Success lies in preparation. Patient Plan Direct conducts comprehensive team training covering all aspects of our service. This step ensures that your practice team is well-equipped to navigate the transition seamlessly.4. Patient

4. Patient Communication
Smooth transitions require clear communication. Patient Plan Direct ensures that the change of plan provider is communicated positively to patients. This step fosters understanding and cooperation, minimising any potential concerns. Importantly, there is no call to action for patients!

5. Let Simple Switch Commence, Hassle-Free
The magic happens in the background. Patient Direct Debits are seamlessly transferred, relieving your practice of any administrative burden. Sit back and relax as the switch takes place without disrupting patient coverage.

6. Expert Support & Huge Cost Savings
Guidance is the final piece of the puzzle. Patient Plan Direct’s expert team provides ongoing support, aligning your practice for success. With our expertise, your practice achieves a smooth transition and realises significant cost savings.

Savings you can’t afford to ignore 

Like switching your energy supplier to cut costs for a similar service, switching your plan patients from another major plan provider to Patient Plan Direct could save you thousands of pounds each year. As an illustration, practices saved an average of £10,560 annually by switching to Patient Plan Direct last year, with one corporate group reporting an annual saving of £150,000 after making the switch to dental plan success.

With an administration fee starting from £1.06 per patient per month (including VAT and A&E cover for patients), we adopt a low-cost, simple, and transparent fee structure, empowering your practice to maximise dental plan profitability.

But – we are so much more than just a low-cost provider. While our administration fees are often two to three times more cost-effective than competitors, our distinctiveness lies in our commitment to first-class client support and a holistic approach to dental plans. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve evolved into a trusted partner for dental practices nationwide, delivering expert dental plan support, training, and marketing services.

Dental Practice Success – Client success stories speak volumes

Let’s explore how real practitioners have experienced significant benefits and success through Patient Plan Direct’s Simple Switch process.

A brand-centric approach

Alan Clarke, Founder and Clinical Lead at Paste Dental explains why he chose to switch to Patient Plan Direct –

“Ultimately, we wanted to work with a plan provider that exclusively promoted our brand. With a lot of the other plan providers, you become a part of their corporate identities and patients don’t know if they’re loyal to you or loyal to the plan provider they have.

We also wanted a plan that worked for our patients, that is fair, that had very low costs across the board, both for patients and us as a clinic, but also one that’s adaptable to the range of treatments that are now available in the market.

Since switching to Patient Plan Direct, we’ve made a healthy 5-figure recurring annual saving for the practice, a significant sum of money for a small business like ours.”

A supportive partnership

Dr Robert Glenning, Director at Peninsula Dental Ltd attests to the seamless transition his dental group experienced when switching to Patient Plan Direct –

“We had been with our previous dental plan provider for many years. Over the years the service and support we received from them had faded, things were not how they once were. This led us to question value for money. After meeting with Patient Plan Direct and appreciating their innovative approach to supporting practices in both retaining and growing a plan membership base, we decided to make the switch. We were also very pleased to learn that we could make considerable savings in plan administration across our practices due to their low admin fee proposition.

Support for our staff was a prime consideration, and the Patient Plan Direct team has an enormous amount of experience to share. We transferred our large plan patient base via the Simple Switch process across multiple sites without hassle to our patients, with our teams supported throughout. In fact, since switching our plan numbers have increased.”

Expertise without the high price

Cheryl Reynolds, Head of Operations at Real Good Dental, was attracted to Patient Plan Direct’s expertise and low admin fees –

“Considering Patient Plan Direct’s admin fees are significantly less than other providers we have worked with, the support and responsiveness from their team has been far from ‘cheap’ or ‘no frills’. We have been super impressed with the expertise and knowledge their team has provided in supporting our plan goals.”

Ready to make the switch?

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