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We can administer any type of dental payment plan or variation of plans.

  • Maintenance/membership plans

  • Full care/capitation plans

  • Children’s plans

  • Hygiene plans

  • Family discount plans

  • Annual and monthly payment plans

Maintenance plans

A maintenance plan typically includes standard routine dental care and patients will pay for any additional treatment required.

  • The most popular type of plan our clients offer

  • Promotes preventive dentistry

  • Usually includes a set number of examinations and hygiene visits per year
  • Gives patients access to any other benefits that you decide – such as a set discount off additional treatment(s)

Care plans

A care plan typically includes any routine dental care or
treatment a patient needs.

  • Band your patients according to their oral health to determine their
    monthly pricing
  • Offers comprehensive care to your patients
  • Gives patients opportunity to thoroughly budget
  • Allows you to generate recurring monthly income for your practice

Children’s plans

A children’s plan typically includes any routine dental care or
treatment a child needs.

  • Offers affordable options for private dental care to parents
  • Treat all the family and offer family discount plans
  • Nurture patient loyalty for future years

Hygiene plans

A hygiene plan typically includes a set number of hygienist
appointments per year.

  • Meet demand with increasing popularity for hygiene appointments
  • Offer dental examinations as part of the plan if required
  • Promote preventive dentistry
  • Upsell further treatments

Our team can help you determine the right type of plans for you

All of our Business Development team can work with you to decide on the most appropriate dental plans
for your practice to achieve success.

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