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Patient Plan Direct experiencing rapid growth

The most cost-effective major plan provider, Patient Plan Direct (PPD), is experiencing rapid growth thanks to its strong team, competitively priced services and favourable market conditions.

Last year marked a significant milestone as PPD concluded its strongest year of growth by some margin. As they approach the second half of 2023, PPD’s ambitious goals aim to build on this success and double the growth achieved in the previous year, which they are well on track to achieve. This remarkable trajectory has led to the company increasing its headcount by over 30% in the last six months alone, expanding its workforce to tackle the increasing demands.

Recently, the company has moved to bigger premises to ensure that the growing team can accommodate its growth successfully,  creating an environment to maintain the highest standard of client service.

PPD’s growth is fueled by favourable market conditions in UK dentistry, backed by its strong team of dentistry experts and client services support team. Practice owners are increasingly moving away from NHS dentistry to offer private dentistry, which can be much more prosperous, creating an opportunity for PPD to provide their innovative dental plan solutions to more practices. PPD has developed a proven method to help practices assess the viability of a conversion and fully support and engage a practice team to manage a successful transition.

Moreover, practice owners working with other major plan providers are becoming aware of the potential cost-saving benefits of transitioning to PPD, a now streamlined process thanks to a change in banking regulation aptly named by the plan provider as ‘simple switch’. By switching to work with PPD, practice owners can retain more of their plan income and save thousands of pounds a year, whilst also gaining, in many cases, more efficient and supportive customer service.

These financially beneficial measures have been particularly appealing to practice owners in recent times, given the challenging economic climate. Consequently, practices switching to work with PPD from the likes of Denplan, Practice and DPAS represent a large proportion of the plan providers growth.

Simon Reynolds

Managing Director of Patient Plan Direct, Simon Reynolds

“We understand that practice owners are facing increasing financial pressures and are constantly seeking ways to optimise their operations,” explains PPD Managing Director, Simon Reynolds.

“Our dental plan solutions offer significant cost savings, allowing practice owners to retain more of their plan income and ultimately run a more efficient and profitable business. Thanks to the simple switch process and our expert support, we are now building many case studies that evidence practices switching to work with us and going on to grow their plan base further with our help i.e. practices have the opportunity to switch, save and grow!”

Simon goes on to comment: “It’s a real same NHS dentistry is in the place it is and that many dentists are so frustrated that in many cases they feel they have no other option but to convert to practice in a fully private capacity. Nevertheless, we are proud of the support system we have developed to ensure we can help practices with such objectives make a highly successful transition. We are thrilled with the overall growth and success of the company, it’s an exciting time for all involved.”

With a commitment to providing dental practices with the best possible dental plan solutions, PPD is poised for even more growth and success in the years ahead.

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