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Tracey White, Practice Manager at Sturminster Dental, spoke to us about how she found the Simple Switch process, having transferred over 900 patients successfully from DPAS to Patient Plan Direct with ease and no complications.

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“Upon discovering Patient Plan Direct, it became evident from our initial meeting that they perfectly aligned with our core values, sharing a genuine desire for our success. Building a strong relationship with our dedicated business development manager, we were pleasantly surprised when the numbers were crunched – the potential increase in retained dental plan income upon switching providers left us astounded. Patient Plan Direct was undeniably the ideal choice for our dental practice.”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“The people at Patient Plan Direct were absolutely phenomenal in terms of their support and advice. Our Business Development Manager spent a significant amount of time with me and the wider team, ensuring that the transition was a resounding success. We genuinely appreciated their dedication.

The Client Services team at head office was always there for us whenever we needed them. Their responsiveness was impressive, and together, everyone ensured that everything ran like clockwork. The partnership between Patient Plan Direct and our practice felt real, with a strong sense of teamwork and support.”

We’ve experienced remarkable growth in our dental plan base since the ‘simple switch’ process, and we couldn’t be happier with our new dental plan provider. The decision to switch has truly paid off, and we are excited about the practice’s future.”

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