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As a very busy fully private practice, we had previously offered a dental plan with a well-known plan provider, but things had become stagnant and we needed to refocus on plan growth.

We felt a change was needed and wanted to work with a plan provider that gave us the flexibility to offer plans that were the right fit for our patients and offered a low and transparent administration fee. This was so we could retain as much of our plan income as possible whilst keeping the price of our plans as low as possible to benefit our patients. In searching all the available options in the market, we came across Patient Plan Direct and decided to make the move!

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“The transfer process was much simpler than we envisaged and the support from Patient Plan Direct in making the move was excellent.

We made significant savings in comparison to working with our previous plan provider, as Patient Plan Direct’s administration fees were almost a third less!

More recently, we have been really impressed with the rollout of Patient Plan Direct’s new client administration portal. It’s super easy to use and provides us with all the info and data we need in relation to tracking the success of our dental plan at the click of a button.”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“Fast-forward two years since our transfer to Patient Plan Direct and we have trebled the number of patients we now have on a plan!

We followed the guidance of Patient Plan Direct to offer our patients two simple plan options. Keeping things simple means it’s easy for our patients to understand and for our team to promote.

Our team really believes in our plan offering, so promoting the plan is easy, as there is no doubt in any of the team’s mind that the plan is the best option for patients to access regular care and save money.

During the pandemic, since coming out of the first lockdown, we have been able to promote our plan with confidence and have added around 50 patients per month since this time.”

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