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Cheryl Reynolds, Dental Plan Executive at Real Good Dental said, “Considering PPD’s admin fees are significantly less than other providers we have worked with, the support and responsiveness from their team has been far from ‘cheap’ or ‘no frills’. We have been super impressed with the expertise and knowledge the PPD team has provided in supporting our plan goals.”

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“In utilising the ‘simple switch’ process, we have been able to consolidate our plan patients from other providers to make huge cost savings, thanks to a transparent tiered fee structure that rewards scale and positively impacts our bottom line.”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“We have also looked to support certain clinicians and/or practices to move more towards practicing privately or converting completely. The forecasting analysis, training in engaging our practice teams, communication support, and general advice PPD has provided has resulted in some very successful transitions.

PPD is an invaluable asset that has transformed how we manage dental plans, bringing efficiency, savings, and satisfaction to our practice teams and patients.”

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