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“As a Practice owner on the South Coast, I had become unhappy with the way my plan provider was dealing with my concerns and the arrival of the pandemic intensified this and I felt they were making wide reaching decisions affecting my Practice and Patients without consulting me or any other Practice Principals.

As a client for over 25 years, I felt the concerns and feedback I raised were of no relevance or interest and I was seen to be a nuisance rather than a valuable source of feedback. I decided to set up my own dental plan and wanted to work with a provider that gave me the flexibility to manage things in line with my objectives; allowing me to control the professional relationships I had worked so hard to develop.”

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“PPD was recommended to me by a local Practice Principal and from the moment I contacted the team, I found them to be very receptive, helpful and professional.

The PPD team guided me expertly through the actions required to manage the transfer from my existing provider and were always available throughout the process. By working with the PPD team, I was able to communicate the changes in a professional way that I felt was right for my practice and my patients.

The PPD online portal is simple to use and allows easy access to instantly make any required changes to a patient’s dental plan. When advice or help is required, it is reassuring to be able to talk to the same team member and who, in my experience, has always had the knowledge to answer the question immediately.

I feel that I am valued client and I am experiencing a more personable service than I was with my previous provider.”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“We were able to commit to and smoothly complete the transfer rapidly due to PPD’s efficient and dedicated staff. The whole process was a success and my patients were transferred seamlessly.

I am now in control of the plan and my patient relationships and the icing on the cake is PPD’s much lower administration fees. I have passed these savings on to my patients, by reducing their monthly fees, which has generating further goodwill at a very challenging time.

A win-win for my practice and my patients.”

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