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When Dr Holly launched a new squat practice, he knew a patient plan would be essential. After advice from his Business Manager, he started looking for a more flexible provider that might better suit his needs and build the brand of his new practice…

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“As soon as we were introduced to Patient Plan Direct we could see they immediately identified with our core values.

They were also a recognised brand in the industry but, importantly, could bring us flexibility. We could have flexibility for our patients and our plans – with an eye for profit but not be profit orientated.”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“Our plans were agreed with our dedicated business development manager and over the past four years it has been easy to adapt and refine these to our needs – a phone call or email is all it takes to make a change to our portal.

Choosing Patient Plan Direct was a sound business decision. They offer excellent value and you still get support. The money saved in comparison with other providers means that I can invest in my practice, grow my patient base and further grow the Holly Dental brand.”

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