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When Dr Barratt purchased Farleigh Dental, he inherited a long established private practice with 1,500 capitation plan patients. He realised he was paying a significant administration fee and questioned the value of his plan provider. He began exploring alternatives…

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“I had to be 100% certain I was making the right move. I spoke with my existing provider before committing to a transfer but they were only able to offer a marginal fee reduction, which made me question the value they placed on their own services.

After an exploratory search, I was really impressed with the knowledge and advice Patient Plan Direct offered. I felt confident in working with their team, plus they had great ideas about our future plan strategy.”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“I’m so pleased we transferred to Patient Plan Direct. They managed the whole mailing fulfilment process of the transfer and ensured the message to existing plan patients was clear and positive. We lost a handful of plan patients – and no more than we would normally expect as a result of an annual price increase.

We have significantly reduced our plan administration costs by around 50%, which represents huge cost savings for years to come. Moreover, I know that I’m supported with a highly experienced business development manager.”

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