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A purpose-built practice established in 2005, Bax Dental is equipped with the latest technology providing high quality dental care in a relaxed environment.

Facing onerous contractual conditions, Dr Bax explains his decision to transfer to a new plan provider and the benefits he now experiences with Patient Plan Direct…

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Why did you choose Patient Plan Direct?

“The decision to change plan providers is never an easy one and it often takes quite a catalyst to make the change. Our catalyst was the buy-out of our old plan provider and I began exploring other options in the market.

I came to the conclusion that we would be better off with a lower fee base and decide ourselves where we could spend our savings. Patient Plan Direct have a different business model to other plan providers – and one that works!”

How did Patient Plan Direct help you succeed?

“We transferred our entire patient base in less than a month. To our immense relief, our patient losses were minimal (0.6%) and our annual savings are now in excess of £9,000 per year. We now offer implants at the practice and the saved revenue has been key in the investment of new equipment and materials in this area.”

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