Patient Plan Direct is here to support you in these difficult times

We are all experiencing an unprecedented and unexpected challenge, both personally and professionally.

 In a world of uncertainty, we at Patient Plan Direct would like to offer dental professionals a way forward, preparing to support you as effectively as possible once things get back on an even keel.

Over 10 years ago, when Conrad Broadbent founded Patient Plan Direct, now the UK’s most cost-effective major dental plan provider, no-one could have imagined the position we now find ourselves in.

However, with hundreds of happy and thriving dental practices across the UK, he goes into this challenging period with a renewed focus on bringing the most competitively priced patient plans to UK dentistry and a promise neverto compromise on service.   

With Patient Plan Direct, you pay only for what you NEED in a plan, not for services that you simply will never use.

A question of finance

In light of the current situation facing the whole business community, Patient Plan Direct has taken the decision to freeze prices and postpone the price increase that was scheduled to come into effect from April 2020.

The team hopes this will help in a small way in easing the financial pressures many currently find themselves under. This decision will be reviewed in due course, but no changes are envisaged in the foreseeable future.

With admin charges start at just £1 per patient including Global A&E assistance, switching to Patient Plan Direct could save you up to £150,000 over five years.

For a better idea of how much your practice could save, please visit our savings calculator at

How Patient Plan Direct can help you

We’re all hoping things will get back to normal ASAP and maybe lessons have been learnt about how prepared our businesses were to weather the storm.

Maybe it’s time for reflection and to set the wheels in motion to review the costs of your current plan provider and reduce your operational overhead by switching provider or to launch a patient plan for the first time, whether that’s as a fully private practice or alongside your existing NHS contract.  

Our website has lots of information about our services, along with testimonials from current clients who have previously chosen one of the above options.

Patient Plan Direct is still able to offer a full “business as usual” service to clients, as the business has been structured in such a way that enables the operations, support and business development teams to work seamlessly and remotely.  

Contact us

Patient Plan Direct believes in the metaphorical human touch. When clients call, they get through to a human being who will deal with any queries efficiently and in a timely manner, no call backs, no answerphones, no email-only contact or “call centre mentality” at Patient Plan Direct HQ.

The team would love to hear from you, to discuss your ideas for the future and to help you fulfil your practice’s full potential when we can all get back to normality.

Surely that’s worth a call to find out more 0344 848 6888 or email