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In a similar way to switching your energy supplier to cut costs for a similar service, transferring your plan patients from another plan provider to Patient Plan Direct could save you thousands of pounds each year.

No matter which plan provider you’re currently with, or whatever type of dental plans you currently offer, you can transfer to us and get a cost-effective practice-branded plan managed and supported by Patient Plan Direct.

We offer:

  • Full Care/Capitation Plans

  • Maintenance Plans

  • Children’s Plans

  • Family Discount Plans

  • Annual & Monthly Payers

We understand it’s a big decision

You might be nervous about switching plan provider. Will you lose patients? Will it be an easy process? We’ve successfully managed lots of transfers and have continually developed our simple transfer process so that the switch is seamless.

Benefits of transferring


Our administration fees are often 2-3 times more cost effective than other major plan providers.

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Patient Communication

We manage the mailings to your patients, ensuring the message is presented in a positive light.

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Ongoing Support
From Experts

Our business development & client services team provide support throughout the transfer process.

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We’ve managed hundreds of transfers and will support you and your team to ensure a successful outcome.

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Decide your own plan structure and pricing. You can choose to mirror your current plans and/or make new ones.

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Your practice team will have access to a straightforward and simple portal to manage your plans.

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Our Success Stories

We’ve supported hundreds of UK practices in transferring to Patient Plan Direct from an another plan provider.

More benefits of transferring

Not only are we the UK’s most cost-effective major plan provider, we’ve been nominated at the Dental Industry Awards for four consecutive years.

  • Low-cost administration fees
  • From £1 per patient p/m
  • Proven transfer methods
  • Practice-branded plans

  • Global Dental A&E Scheme

  • Friendly and personal service

Our expert team can help you transfer

Each of our Business Development Managers have over 10 years’ experience working in practice. We’ve helped practices of all sizes save thousands by successfully transfer plan patients from other providers – such as Denplan by SimplyHealth Professionals, Practice Plan and DPAS.

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