Aims & objectives

Russell Street Dental Practice were looking to provide a monthly income
to improve cashflow and allow them to budget for the future.
They also wanted an option for their patients to budget for their dental care, helping them to avoid large fees for dental treatment.

Why Patient Plan Direct?

Patient Plan Direct offer a range of plans that can be customised to each individual practice and offer far better value for money than other plan providers that are out there.

There’s a good balance between affordable fees and support for the practice in administering our plan. Any extras ‘frills’ are cut out so we are not paying for things that we don’t use or benefit from.

Our success

We transferred our patient base with very little hassle. All our patients wanted to know was that they would receive the same level of service from us and that there was not going to be an increase in cost.

Since the transfer, we have grown our number of plan patients and the savings we have made we have re-invested into the practice. In the end, the decision to change provider was a no-brainer. The savings we have made are huge.

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