Project Description

Aims & objectives

Running a single surgery private practice, Dr Brian Owen and his wife had developed fantastic loyalty with patients, with nearly all patients members of their capitation dental plan. They had one big bug bear – the cost of running their plan with their provider. They began looking for another option…

Why Patient Plan Direct?

With our previous provider we were paying £2.50 per patient for 1,000 plan patients each month. It was a huge overhead to absorb and I didn’t feel we got value, as we never used or required the additional support and services the provider offered.

I came across Patient Plan Direct and their fee structure represented around 60% in savings – I was impressed with what they had to offer. They were open and transparent about what their service included, how the transfer would be managed and what we could expect.

Our success

After opting to transfer our plan patients to a practice-branded plan administered by Patient Plan Direct, the vast majority have transferred across and we’re now safe in the knowledge that we’re paying significantly less to run our plans. These cost savings have helped towards a refurbishment we had been keen to undertake for some time.

We have a dedicated business development manager and helpful client services team to speak with. Patient Plan Direct deal with things quickly and proficiently and our plans run like clockwork.

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