Project Description

Aims & objectives

Dr Cheung believes that dental plans are the foundation of a practice. They help to build both revenue and the treatment and maintenance infrastructure that your team work within to provide excellent care and service. Here he explains why he chose Patient Plan Direct above other providers…

Why Patient Plan Direct?

Patients are asking for dental plans. They hear about them and expect them from a
dental practice, particularly a practice offering any form of private dentistry.

To stay ahead, we felt that Patient Plan Direct was the right kind of provider to help develop our plan, our ideas and our business. Their expertise and experience in working with all sorts of dental practices makes them ideal to help with practice owners who are new to the concept of designing a dental plan, or who may find the idea daunting.

Our success

The flexibility of designing dental plans offered by Patient Plan Direct is ideal for me
because my practice is always changing. I’m continually developing new skills from
numerous courses and the ability to offer these different treatments under the umbrella of different plans is essential.

The online portal provided is quick and easy so signing up patients just flows on a daily
basis. Quite simply, our plans sell themselves at Bury Dental Centre, ultimately meaning
we can do more of the dentistry we’re passionate about.

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