Now is the time for practices to examine all their overheads and reduce costs where possible. 

Everything from practice consumables to accountancy services are up for grabs, and one of the biggest single overheads in practice will be dental plan administration fees, so now’s the time to take action and prepare for the future.

Ask yourself:

• Am I paying over the odds?

• Am I paying for services I don’t want or ever use?

• Are any short-term offers going to help me in the long run?

• Am I getting the right level of service to meet my needs?

At Patient Plan Direct, we offer permanently low fees to all our clients by not including any unnecessary extras. It’s a cost-effective patient plan with the highest standard of customer service and plan support.  

The Brite group had this to say amidst the Covid-19 outbreak:

‘The contact has been fabulous from Patient Plan Direct, calling and emailing me on a regular basis to lend advice and support. They’ve been very innovative with ideas on how we can communicate and support patients at this uncertain time. With all the worry, it’s nice to feel supported.’

If you want to save up to £150,000 over five years, while maintaining the control over your business and income, now is the time to speak to Patient Plan Direct. A switch to us is easy and simple – particularly if you ask your current provider for a transfer using the PAY.UK and Bacs-approved Bulk Change Scheme specifically. 

Email us at call on 0344 848 6888 and we can guide you through the steps to see you permanently reduce your plan administration fees.