Patient Benefits

Dental payment plans can provide your patients with a variety of benefits:

  • Help patients budget for their dental care by paying a set
    monthly fee per month.
  • Promote preventive dentistry with your patients.
  • Make your patients feel part of something by being a
    plan member.

  • Offer exclusive promotions and discounts to your patients.

Practice Benefits

Dental payment plans can provide your practice with a variety of benefits:

  • Generate monthly recurring income and know what you
    can expect each month.
  • Improve your cash flow.
  • Nurture your patient loyalty.
  • Our plans are completely white labelled so you can grow
    and build your own brand.

Types of dental plans

We can support your practice with administering any
type of payment plan for patients.

Our support solution is completely ‘white-labelled’, enabling practices to build and choose their own plans.

  • Full care/capitation plans
  • Maintenance/membership plans
  • Children’s plans

  • Annual & monthly payment plans
  • Hygiene plans

  • Family Discount plans

Our Success Stories

We support hundreds of practices across the UK to administer and manage their dental plans

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